If you have any questions or queries that aren't listed here please don't hesitate to get in touch, click here for ways to contact us.

  • Can the dancers wear costumes?

    Remember we are more inspired by your enthusiasm in the performance of your dance fitness routine than your costume.

  • Can we incorporate props into our performance?

    The performance is about the dance and shouldn’t include any props.

  • How professional should the filming be?

    It can be as simple as a wide shot taken on a smartphone, as long as it frames all of the dancers. What is being judged is the choreographed performance, not the filming.

  • How many dancers per submission/school?

    The dance group should be made up of between 24-30 dancers. One entry per school.

  • My school is not in one of the regions, can I still register?

    For 2019 we are only opening the competition to schools within the Council areas of Salisbury/Wiltshire, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Aylesbury, Cardiff, & Aberdeen. We hope in 2020 to expand the competition across many more regions. If your school is interested in you region being included in future competitions please get in touch.

  • How will the videos that are uploaded for judging be used?

    Before judging, the videos will be briefly viewed to ensure that they have uploaded correctly and to ensure they can be played/judged by Darcey Bussell. A video may be converted to a different video format if necessary to allow it to play on Purple Shows system. When a video is shared with Darcey Bussell the school's name is replaced with a unique code so she does not know which school she is judging. The videos will only ever be viewed by employees or contractors of Purple Shows Ltd and DDMIX Ltd to administrate the competition and the videos will never be shared on social media or to third parties. Six months after the competition closes all submitted videos and backups will be deleted.